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Life final of PARDINI online league 2021/2022 on April 2nd 2022 in Martin

17.marec 2022  |  Naspäť »

Second year of PARDINI Slovakia online league left and will continue with life final, which will held place in Slovakia, city Martin on April 2nd 2022. In online league took a part 196 shooters from 11 countries, more than one year befor.

To the life final will step forward the best 30 shooters from 4 events, together 120 shooters. From 120 shooters will be crated 60 mixed pairs divided to 4 groups, 15 mixed pair each. Mixed pair consists from one rifler shooter and one pistol shooter, one from 40 shots event, second from 60 shots event. Is it experimaental format, bringing to shooters more fun, more possibilities to know each to other, connection between experienced shooter with less experienced shooters, usually young shooter.

We used this format in last year and participants enjoyed it, due this we decided continue in this format of mixed pairs. Creating of mixed pairs is according to selection  of first 15 shooters in ranking, whose can choose shooters from last 15 shooters in ranking in opposite event. This selection  will join shooters with high performance with shooters with smaler performance, due this are mixed pair more equaled.

Final will have similar process than ISSF final, starting with basic elimination with 30 shots each shooter, continue with qualification for best 4 pairs from each group to step forward to semifinals. Best 2 pairs from each semifinal will step forward to final for medal match and the best 2 pairs from final for gold match, according to ISSF rules for semifinal and final individuals in air weapons. For all finals round will be used 16 electronic targets Inband.

Winners will be awarded  with exclusive prizes from aour sponsors, first pair will obtain air rifle PARDINI GPR1 and air pistol PARDINI K12 from PArdini Armi, second pair will obtain 2 electronic targets Inband from Inband Hertar, third pair will obtain 2 electronic trainers SCATT Basic from Scatt, forth pair will obtain voucher for weekend stay in Penzion Petko in High Tatras. The best 8 pairs will obtain set of functional wearing from SportCool. We would like to say than you to our sponsors and for all participants of online league.

In this theme we will display actual phase of creating mixed pairs and more information about final. You will find out in left menu of thgis topic.

We added created mixed pairs until March 18th, you can see left from this text. Added to video from World Cup in Cairo 2022 how new format ISSF semifinals and final works. 

We added final list of created mixed pairs. We have created 57 mixed pairs, from 60. Unfortunalety we were not able to create 60 pairs because of less shooters, mainly in air rifle. 

We hope all 57 pairs will meet us in Martin, on Saturady April 2nd 2022 and will have a lot of fun.

We will shoot semifinals and finals very similar to new ISSF rules, as a first competition in Slovakia. For competiotion we will use electronic targets Inband, for elimination we will use 16 Inband, in semifinals and finals round 8 Inband, for 4 mixed pairs = 8 shooters.

We added specimen how will final works, five steps from qualification for all mixed pairs until gold match for two best pairs. 

We added final version of start list and qualification charts. Due COVID a few shooters canceled their participation and we had to ad new shooters to the mixed pairs.

We hope will meet us tommorrow morning in shooting hall in Martin and I hope you will enjoy your stay in Slovakia.


Main sponsor of online league will award winners of life final with Air rifle PARDINI GPR1 and air pistol PARDINI K12

One of main sponsors of online league Inband Hertar Ltd will award second mixed pair in the life final with 2 pieces of Inband electronic targets for air weapons

One of main sponsors of online league Inband One of main sponsors of online league SCATT will award third mixed pair in the life final with 2 pieces of electronic shooting trainers SCATT Basic

One of sponsors of online league Pension&Vila Petko will award fourth mixed pair in the life final with 2 weekend´s stay for 2-4 persons in High Tatras for each member of pair

One of sponsors of online league SportCool will award best eight mixed pairs in the life final with set of functional wear each member of pairs, made especially for our competition

media partner of our online league and life final

organizer and sponsor of online league with life final

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